WoW Classic UI App

Bug-free, faster, safer and easier AddOn management app for your Desktop.

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Updates your AddOns automatically

Just play and let the app update your installed AddOns automatically.


Has a low memory footprint

Runs silently in the background with a low memory footprint lowering impact on game performance.


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Nope. You need to choose between one of these two apps. The Twitch App is more complete while the WoW Classic UI App is simpler to use and therefore faster.

Nope. Unless you want to keep updating your AddOns manually, you can use the automated AddOn update feature (look for it on the app settings). The WoW Classic UI App will look for updates automatically in the background and update them accordingly.

We're currently not signing the installer, hence why Windows doesn't want to let you run it. But don't worry, everything is safe, you have our most sincere words. And if you don't believe in us, just take a look at the code, the app is open source! Binary signing costs a lot of money and we can't afford it, yet.

We are open source!

The WoW Classic UI App is open source. Want to help us add a missing feature? Come check out the source code.

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