2.1.2 - Added "Pass" button to bidding interface. This button simply tells the auction host they are passing on the item up for bid. - Added "Bid" button to the left of the bid timer to open the bid window. Only visible if the window is closed. - Fixed issue where initial entries were not properly adding to Lifetime Earned on a broadcast. - Fixed bug where new players were not having their DKP properly updated in a "Merge Last 2 Weeks" broadcast if their most recent entry (first received) was a negative number. - Fixed "Full Broadcast" bug where entire broadcasts were being ignored due to typo. - Other minor bug fixes and optimizations.


- Improved broadcast system with interface accessible by clicking the status indicator icon in the lower left corner of main DKP interface (Officers Only). - Full Broadcast option will broadcast all data and overwrite the recipients tables with identical copies of yours. Any data they had that you did not will be lost (Works the same as the broadcast button in 1.6 and earlier). - Merge Last 2 Weeks option will broadcast any entries created in the last two weeks (but no earlier than when 2.1 was installed to prevent the possibility of data duplication) and will only apply entries the Useful for merging multiple raid party data.

- All entries created prior to 2.1 installation will be reindexed under the GMs name for consistency and allow future improvements to the broadcast system. After the entire guild is on 2.1\, a single officer doing a full broadcast to all other officers to ensure all data is 100% identical is recommended but not required. - Table repair function available to officers. To use it\, please view the video linked on the Curse page or go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwnNnppFF2I. It is recommended only one officer use it on tables and then do a full broadcast of the repaired data to the rest of the guild or officers to pass along. Back up your saved variables files prior. - Validate Tables option available to officers in the context menu. This will rebuild all players DKP tables (dkp\, lifetime earned and spent) based on their history. Recommended you back up your saved variables file before running as it can return incorrect values if you are missing any history entries. Resetting all previous DKP values for players (context menu > select all > reset previous dkp) will allow you to see exactly how much each players DKP changed from the validation. - Broadcasting entries during raid will still be instant as they were in 2.0. There is no waiting for entries to broadcast with fear of overwriting data. - The seed determining if your tables are out of date are now propagated naturally within the addon (no more GM public note) - If the status indicator says you're missing entries (are out of date) it will tell you who created the entry and at what time the entry was created. This will stay valid for 2 weeks. After two weeks\, that missing entry will be considered invalid and you will return to being "Up to Date" unless other more recent entries are found to be missing. - This new data structure is not compatible with the current data management on www.warcraftdkp.com until the developer there is able to update the logic.

2.0.6 -Fixed error with bidding windows when the number of bidders exceeded the space given in the table displaying those bidders. -Fixed irregularity that could cause a decay with the "Add to Negative Values" box checked to result in an incorrect decay entry being broadcasted. -Fixed syntax error that could have potentially caused a players tables to wipe if certain criteria were not met. -Changed automatic sync system to only initiate for officers on login to reduce unnecessary traffic. Non officer players can still request a sync at any time. But it must be done manually by clicking the Status Indicator button on the bottom left of the GUI.

2.0.0 -Added completely revamped broadcast and sync system. All data is persistent. If you delete a player from the list and decide to readd them later. All tables and player profiles are rebuilt on login/reload based on DKP and Loot history and missing entries are automatically requested. You can request a sync by clicking the Table Status button on the bottom left of the GUI. If any entries are known to be missing from offline officers, that button will be displayed as red, and the tooltip will tell you how many entries you're known to be missing and from whom (this can only be identified from online non-officer users that have entries you're missing. Online officers will send entries from other officers if they have them). The GMs public note is no longer used for anything within the addon (beyond the initial migration process). WARNING: There will be some frame drops on the front end when pushing out a few hundred entries. But this will only occur when someone requests a ton of information at once. And only for the officer it's being requested from. -Streamlined Raid Timers and corrected minor discrepencies. Settings are also now broadcasted to other officers when the timer starts for consistency. -You will now be prompted to wipe your DKP tables when you join a new guild. -Added anti bid sniping option to DKP Modes window. This option will add X seconds to the bid timer if a bid is received when the timer is below 10 seconds. To prevent last second bid sniping. -Added Announce Highest Bidder (and Include Bidder) to DKP Modes window. When active, you will announce any new high bids (also announces new highest roll/roller) to raid. If Include Bidder is checked, it will include the name of who bid/rolled. -Fixed mass invites. Should now properly invite if already in a raid. -Added additional fields to the Award window giving officers more flexibility (dropdown to select name, can change item cost). -Changed the manual award command to "/dkp award [item link]" for ease-of-use. Cost is automatically defaulted to the minimum bid/cost set for that type of item but can be changed as needed. -Integrated Award Item window into "Reassign Loot" option on the Loot History tab, now labeled "Edit Entry". When editing loot, you can now edit all fields for the reassignment (cost, player, boss etc). When editing a loot entry, the new entry will have a timestamp of when it was edited (so if you edit it days later, it will not fall under the same raid/mob kill. There is no reliable way to counter this as an entry edited multiple times can cause severe issues. 99% of edits are immediately or shortly after initial awarding anyway so this shouldn't be an issue.) -Added Announce Award to Guild to DKP Modes menu. This simply announces awarding an item to guild chat instead of as a raid warning. -Added roll protection for Roll Based Bidding. It will now only accept a roll if it is within the constraints of their expected roll. Both minimum and max roll must be at or below their expected values. (IE: If expected is 60-100, 59-99 will pass, 60-101 or 61-100 will fail) On fail, the roller will be whispered with their expected roll range. -Added a comprehensive bidding UI for all players to use for bidding/rolling. Officers can decide (via the Modes window) if all raiders are able to see all bids/rolls. These will be displayed in the same manor they can be seen in the bid hosts UI. Minimum bid will automatically increase to highest bidder for easy increments. And if your guild is set to use roll based bidding, just clicking the roll button will automatically roll the values designated to you. -You will no longer be prompted to reload every time a change is made in the DKP Modes menu. Rather, you will be prompted to reload if you attempt to utilize a function that is still stuck on the previous settings. -Added option (in Modes window) to decline bids that are at or below the current high bid. -Added option (in Options tab) to automatically turn on Combat Logging when entering a raid zone or engaging in a raid encounter. -Added option to log all bids/rolls submitted for each item awarded (displayed in the tooltip on Loot History). -Added updated localization values. -Pushed addon initialization back a few seconds. This will *hopefully* solve the CompactRaidFrames taint. (I have never personally experienced this so I have no way of testing.) -Assorted minor bug fixes, syntax integrity corrections and optimizations.