About WoW Addons


What's our mission?

The main goal of WoW Addons is to bring AddOns to World of Warcraft: Classic players.

We're also trying to help AddOn authors through many ways, including:

  • Visibility;
  • Substential rewards - the points system (Patreon-like);
  • An easy to use interface; and
  • Many many integrations.

The state of WoW Addons

The WoW Addons website is still in its early phase of development. We've worked hard in order to be able to release something just before the global launch of Worl of Warcraft: Classic. You can learn more about the development by following the News page.

For those who want to watch our progress closely you can see what we're working on directly through our GitHub project page.

We welcome everyone to give us feedback, report any issues and share ideas using our Feedback repository on GitHub.

Thanks for using WoW Addons!

Our team hopes you'll find WoW Addons useful and we'll continue to work hard to keep adding awesome features and improvements to the website.

Are you new to WoW Addons? Feel free to browse AddOns and become an AddOn author if you dare!

Sincerly, The WoW Addons Team
from France

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